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Hello I'm Delia.

Over the years i've discovered that every difficult or complicated situation is interlaced with a desire, sometimes many desires. Someone needs something that they cannot connect with. I create tools for my students and clients to have the most valuable experience with life circumstances and situations. I've worked in the field of education for over 18 years, beginning my career as a teacher.

One of the things that bring me great joy is designing questions that lead individuals to the process that's right for what they want to create. 

I'm a fierce advocate for effective personal enrichment and self-care. I'm also the creator of Mindset on Purpose. After seeing how the Mindset Practice changed my students and clients approach to life, I decided it was my duty to share it.

I've seen beautiful results I could not have imagined. People are changing the way they show up in the world because of the Mindset Practice/Tool. LeAnne Gomez recently joined me on the mission to share the knowledge, lift the vibration, and uplevel women in our community who want to do life better.

LeAnne is a Pilot, Poet, Musician, Licensed Massage Therapist and former Police Officer.  She is also certified in Crisis Negotiation. The breadth of her professional experience has led her to a unique perspective on life and Mindset.  She became a Mindset Coach to help others activate their creativity, joy and purpose.  After all, she believes, living is an art form and we are all working to create our own personal masterpiece.

How Mindset on purpose was born...


A couple years ago, Delia facilitated a Math Intervention Program at a her school. The purpose was to help students who had fallen behind get up to grade level. She started with the curriculum that she was given. After a few days of presenting the material, she realized that something was not working out. The students who were happy to engage with her minutes before class started were instantly not interested in anything she was saying about math. It was as if they had left their bodies.  After a couple days of trying to teach students with glazed eyes and restless bodies, she decided to stop teaching from the curriculum. She invited the students to sit in a circle and they had a discussion about their thoughts and ideas about math.

Most of them believed math was boring, it was hard, math was for smart people, etc. After a couple days of questions and insightful conversations, some profound and life-changing information was revealed. These conversations ultimately transformed their time together. When they went back to the curriculum,  It was as if she had brand-new students. They did math and did it well. They were 100% more engaged, they looked happier and more at ease  around campus. They even started talking with an accent that sounded hilariously close to hers. Other staff members noticed the positive change in the students and inquired about what they were doing. 

Out of this process, I learned that issues perceived as problems can also be desires seeking a path to manifestation. When the appropriate questions were asked, and the proper tools used, the students developed the mindset needed to have an empowering experience with their learning and development.  The Mindset Formula was created out of this transformative collaboration. The energy of desire lives in every human being. It appears to be the root that carries nourishment to every aspect of life. 

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"The moment we met Delia, we knew we wanted to work with her. Her no-nonsense Mindset Formula gave us a direct path to having the results we wanted. "          S. Grace


"Delia is a rare and unique individual. If  you are wanting to gain clarity, confidence or courage to make a change in a supportive and loving environment, then you have found the right person."            A. Hahn                                                                       

"Delia is an amazing human, she is focused and dynamic. Her clarity and sincerity will take you higher, regardless of what your personal challenge may be."      J. Scully


"Delia's enthusiasm for life is contagious! Just being in her presence will shift your mindset, but she always brings forward her wisdom to guide you in a way that makes a difference for you."

                                                                   A. Arco Iris

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