About us, Young lives & testimonials


My name is Delia.

I was born and raised on the island of Grenada. I've worked in the field of education for twenty years. I began my teaching career in New York City.  About one week into my first position, as a 4th grade teacher, I felt my students needing something more than what was written in their books and lessons. As a new teacher with an intention to "change the world," I eventually realized that my greatest joy was to inspire the whole child. I knew that Math, & Reading,  were of great value, but I also felt that my students could use resources such as Movement, Breath, Emotion and Communication to have more success in their learning experiences. These practices have changes the landscape of my love for teaching and my students love for learning in the classroom and beyond. I‘m pleased to offer these exercises, and communication practices,  punctuated by movement and emotion, with accents of American Sign Language, to amplify communication, and geography to expand perspectives. Students will engage in understanding, analyzing, evaluating and applying these skills to fit their unique personality. 

Joining me on this mission to inspire the whole child is the very curious, and sharp LeAnne Gomez. She delivers from her heart, and facilitates from a place of profound understanding.

She is a Pilot, Poet, Musician, and has the ability to connect with children in a way that keeps them engaged. The depth of her professional experience led to her desire to work towards creating beautiful learning experiences.  She became a Coach to help others activate their creativity, joy and purpose.  After all, she believes, living is an art form and we are all working to create our own personal masterpiece.

Young Lives


Young Life & Multiple Intelligence

They need to know

how they are smart, not always how smart they are.

We facilitate how to learn, to extract meaning.

How to set emotional boundaries and regulate emotions.

How to practice behaviors that are in line with focusing, concentrating, listening and building long term memory.


The Creative Outline

Most of what young lives accomplish in school are learned skills. I've discovered that when children also learn the value of their natural resources (movement, breath, emotion, and communication) learning becomes meaningful. When a young life finds meaning in his natural resources he is validated and inspired. 

We intend to ignite the breath that will fuel the rest of their lives.


"Delia is a rare and unique individual. If  you are wanting to gain clarity, confidence or courage to make a change in a supportive and loving environment, then you have found the right person."            A. Hahn                                                                       

"Delia is an amazing human, she is focused and dynamic. Her clarity and sincerity will take you higher, regardless of what your personal challenge may be."      J. Scully


"Delia's enthusiasm for life is contagious! Just being in her presence will shift your mindset, but she always brings forward her wisdom to guide you in a way that makes a difference for you."


 A. Arco Iris