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Hello I'm Delia.

I was born and raised on the island of Grenada. Over the years i've discovered that many complex emotions are interlaced with desires. Someone needs something that they cannot connect with. I discovered that there is a way to receive and allow what we want. I create tools for my students and clients to have the most satisfying experiences with life circumstances and situations. I've worked in the field of education for over 18 years, beginning my career as a teacher in NYC. I now live with my family in New Mexico.

***** and***** This is the very curious, sharp, accomplished LeAnne Gomez, who recently joined me in sharing this life transforming message and practice. She delivers from her heart, and facilitates from a place of profound understanding.

LeAnne is a Pilot, Poet, Musician, Licensed Massage Therapist and former Police Officer.  She is also certified in Crisis Negotiation. The breadth of her professional experience has led her to a unique perspective on life Deliberate Communication & Mindset.  She became a Coach to help others activate their creativity, joy and purpose.  After all, she believes, living is an art form and we are all working to create our own personal masterpiece.

Many years ago my friend use to say about me, "when I met Delia she didn't know she was black." So now, years later I coined the phrase, I learned I was black when I came to America............ Continue below.

I learned I was black when I came to America & my practice of Deliberate Communication.

I’ve been contemplating sharing this material for some time, and recently I found some teachings that inspired me to show you the contents of my heart, what I always knew, what I learned, what i’ve chosen, and what I continue to choose.

As a nation we observe and stir up a lot on race. At some point I started to ask myself some questions such as, is it my work to understand what’s possible for us, and how can I help carve out a way to integrate our collective experiences in a way that makes us whole.

Deliberate Communication was inspired from the idea “I learned I was black when I came to America.” It is my experiences as a black Caribbean woman in America, and the power and leverage that is available to me when I tune into Deliberate Communication with myself and others. This practice transcends race, and is applicable to every aspect of creating a well-lived life.

We’ve all done an amazing job in getting to where we are in our quest to improve the quality of our lives and the reality of our collective history. Now it is time to take it to the next level. There are many who have contributed tremendously to our consciousness on race and other constructs of life in America. I believe it is time for us to be the receivers of all we’re asking for. From our well intentioned desires, we’re all in this together. 


"The moment we met Delia, we knew we wanted to work with her. Her no-nonsense Mindset Formula gave us a direct path to having the results we wanted. "          

S. Grace


"Delia is a rare and unique individual. If  you are wanting to gain clarity, confidence or courage to make a change in a supportive and loving environment, then you have found the right person."            A. Hahn                                                                       

"Delia is an amazing human, she is focused and dynamic. Her clarity and sincerity will take you higher, regardless of what your personal challenge may be."      J. Scully


"Delia's enthusiasm for life is contagious! Just being in her presence will shift your mindset, but she always brings forward her wisdom to guide you in a way that makes a difference for you."


 A. Arco Iris

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